From small projects to giant masterpieces, we will work with you to create custom artworks to satisfy all your aesthetic needs be it the colour palette, subject matter, art direction or style, for either personal fullfilment or corporate "branding" - regardless of the size of the wall.

Art Battalion is a professional mural company based in Kuala Lumpur. Founded in 2014. Art Battalion has completed more than 500 murals all over Malaysia.

Be it on residential homes to commercial places, tourist attractions and iconic buildings. Art Battalion has the talents and passion to create masterpieces on your wall.


Our main objective is to fulfill our client needs by delivering their message to the wall with custom hand-drawn designs to suit their aesthetic.

To create opportunities for local artist to make a living for themselves and improve their quality of life with their precious talents.


To create exposure regarding the power of art towards corporate companies and the public, especially in the form of mural paintings.

To improve the standard of living of artists.

To beautify the city walls of both private and public spaces with works of art.

To improve the level of appreciation towards art in general.


To be able to uplift an art graduate's life.

To be commissioned to paint large scale mural artwork.

To become a globally recognised professional mural services company.

To establish an art academy with a focus on murals.

To be able to certify all the students and members of said art academy.


ART BATTALION as a name, was not chosen at random. It is a movement of a group of artists coming together to further improve the art industry of Malaysia. Amongst our ranks are those that specialise in murals, graffiti, canvas painting, sculpting, printing, digital illustration, graphic design and architecture.

We strive to enhance our national values through art and uphold the dignity of the Malaysian art scene in which we march forward together as "soldier" with ART BATTALION as our brand and banner.


The passion that ignited within the founder to create Art Battalion came from seeing the state of the art industries in Malaysia. Compared to some other countries, art is not economically viable.

Many, if not most of the art graduates from local universities are undergoing frictional unemployment. Many are conditioned to think that any work of art they make are masterpieces and will sell at a high rate, hoping to make a living out of it. But truth is often bitter, and in reality, it's not that simple.

Worse still, there are those that can barely sell their art or could not sell their artwork at all. They end up working in completely different industries, unrelated to art, passionless and wasting their art certificates.

Art Battalion was created to help such artists by offering them a chance to earn comfortable incomes as they learn and grow within the art industry, training then in entrepreneurial skills and equipping them for business. Simultaneously, as we harness their skills and develop them as artists, we shape the art industry around us to create a thriving environment for artisans and creatives.